Accelerating Medical Innovation

To Enhance Patient Wellbeing


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PBC BioMed and its affiliate companies are committed to the same goal: Accelerating Medical Innovation to Enhance Patient Wellbeing.

Our drive to innovate and provide speciality services based on your needs has resulted in the creation of 3 affiliate companies under the PBC Biomed parent company.

Biomimetic Innovations

Biomimetic Innovations is a collaboration between long-time friends and colleagues: GP Bio Ltd and PBC Biomed. Our aim is to develop and commercialise OsStic™, our biomimetic adhesive for bone repair.

PBC Innovations

PBC Innovations is engaged in the Assessment and Acceleration of novel ideas in the Medical Device arena.

Copper Hawk

Copper Hawk is an Irish company dedicated to improving animal health through the development of veterinary products made from natural sources. It uses naturally occurring ingredients to develop products that seek to advance animal health.