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PBC AIM - Accelerating Innovation Model

Welcome to the AIM Portal

PBC Biomed’s extensive industry expertise has made us the trusted strategic partner for small to large companies, physicians, universities and government-funded projects to advance the development of life-changing medical technologies. We have a track record of supporting innovators in taking an idea through the development process to bring their concept to life.

AIM Services include Concept Refinement, Technology Validation, Technology Optimisation and Commercial Development

Concept Refinement

We provide you with access to PBC’s Clinical advisory board, which will allow the clinical need of your idea to be reviewed by top surgeons. We work with Industry experts to assess the business opportunity, to determine clinical and market fit.

Technology Validation

We will help you to protect your idea, and support the development of a prototype and design for manufacture.

Technology Optimization

We prepare for regulatory approval using standard testing and safety protocols

Commercial Development

We validate your idea with KOLs and develop a comprehensive commercialization strategy. We utilize our global industry network to find the right distribution partner to accelerate your innovation to market.

How Does it Work?

To accelerate your idea to market, here is an overview of the process for submitting your innovation to PBC Biomed for evaluation through the AIM Portal:


Clinical Needs Assessment Submission

We ask you to provide an overview of the key aims of your invention and identify where it fits in the current or future standard of care. Without disclosing your IP, please complete the questions in the Clinical Needs Assessment Submission below.


PBC Biomed assessment to ensure patient and client fit

Our team at PBC Biomed will assess your project to ensure patient and client fit. If your project is approved, the process will continue.


Sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement

In order to protect your invention and PBC Biomed, it is important to sign an NDA to ensure IP protection for both parties.


Submit Project Details and Needs

We provide an upload tool for your to share documents that will help us better assess your invention or development progress, such as images, publications, models, or testing files. Any document uploaded will remain strictly confidential to the PBC Review Board.


PBC Biomed prepares initial Partnership Proposal

A PBC Biomed representative contacts you with an initial partnership proposal to advance your innovation.

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Clinical Needs Assessment