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Knowledge is at the core of what we do – we take pride in our people, processes and products, as well as our in-depth understanding of orthopaedic devices and orthobiologics.


Our vision of ‘Accelerating Medical Innovation’ drives our passion – we want to help develop innovative products that will truly make a positive impact on patients lives.


We strive to be world class in our beliefs, our approach, our focus, and how we treat our employees, clients and people impacted by the products we help bring to market.


Our team is select and experienced, with a proven record of responding with agility to client need. We take pride in our ability to apply past learnings to new projects and make decisions quickly.


We operate in accordance with our core values, do what we say we will do, and aim for transparency at all times. We have strong moral principles and uphold the confidentiality of our clients at all times.


We help our clients to create and cultivate new ideas, with the intention of bringing real value to the lives of patients globally. We aim to support innovators from the beginning to end of their development journey.

Our Team

Paul Burke

Managing Partner

Gerard Insley PhD

Chief Scientific Officer

Amanda Kiely

Chief Compliance Officer

Thomas Russell

Chief Medical Officer

Pierse Danaher

Director of Finance and Administration

Britt Martinez

VP of Business Development and Marketing

Robbie Kiely

Director of Operations

PBC BioMed Global Locations

PBC BioMed is a global company, with headquarters in Shannon, Ireland. Ireland is home to a closely knit cluster of over 400 Medtech and 120 pharmaceutical companies who are supported by a combination of academic, clinical and government agencies.

Based on the needs of our partners, we utilize the right team of experts located around the world, with satellite offices in France and the US, and remote employees located in additional locations.

Our Trusted Partners