PBC Biomed Sponsor GMMDC Leadership Update & Reception

Brittney Martinez, VP of Business Development and Marketing, is pictured speaking on PBC Biomed’s ‘Mission in Memphis’ at the Greater Memphis Medical Device Council (GMMDC) Leadership Update and Reception on August 22nd.

The Executive Committee of the Board also provided an update on the strategic direction of the GMMDC and introduced the new Executive Director – Chris Locke, to all members and guests in attendance. 

Brittney shared afterwards that the overarching message of the GMMDC Board hit home, further reinforcing her belief that Memphis is the right place for PBC Biomed to set up their US headquarters.

She said, ‘Advocacy, workforce development, and a passion for medical devices and the patients they heal are our common cause. We are excited to contribute to this mission, building lasting partnerships that serve the community that we now call home.’

PBC Biomed sponsored the event and were honored to hold the title of ‘Newest Member’ on the evening. The team look forward to attending future events and exploring further opportunities to network with members of the GMMDC.

Thank you to Chris Locke, the GMMDC board and members in attendance, as well as co-sponsor MB&A.