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Why Choose Ireland?

Ireland is home to a closely knit cluster of over 400 Medtech and 120 pharmaceutical companies, who are supported by a combination of academic, clinical and government agencies.

18 of the world’s top 25 Medtech companies have manufacturing facilities in Ireland. 1

Over 60% of medtech companies are engaged in R&D.3

8 of the world’s 10 largest pharmaceutical companies have major operations in Ireland. 4

6 of the highest selling drugs globally are manufactured in Ireland. 4

Ireland is Europe’s second largest exporter of Medtech products. 3

Advantages of Ireland as a platform for the Design, Development and Commercialization of your products include:

Strong government support including potential corporate and R&D tax incentives

Comprehensive array of local contract services

Access to R&D support from government agencies and universities

Highly skilled and experienced workforce

Easy access to European markets and market expansion potential

Exemplary regulatory and clinical environment

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