Successful OCP Workshop at Bioceramics33

PBC Biomed CSO Gerard Insley is pictured in action during the dedicated #OCP Workshop at the Bioceramics 33 event in Solothurn, Switzerland on October 17th.

The purpose of this workshop was to create a forum for the world’s leading experts and industrial representatives to share their latest advances in OCP R&D.

Well done to the extended panel of experts who delivered excellent sessions on the day:

– Prof. Dr. Christophe Drouet – University of Toulouse, France
– Prof. Dr. Janis Locs – Riga Technical University, Latvia
– Dr. Nicola Döbelin – RMS Foundation, Switzerland
– Prof. Dr. Osamu Suzuki – Tohoku University, Japan
– Prof. Dr. Philip Procter – Uppsala University, Sweden

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